Does Your Business Experience Ongoing Computer Problems?...

Have you ever noticed that computer problems tend to happen when you least expect them – and always at the worst possible times?

Managed Services solutions are designed to address your challenges head on, provide fast, tangible results and shorten time to value. Whether you need to improve your product time to market, expand your business or optimize your IT, managed services can help you get the job done quickly and cost effectively. A cost effective managed service solutions are designed to facilitate your IT and non IT groups to reduce administrative and operational expenses; combines best practices process, enhance network security and on demand software and hardware patch management.

What options are considered in managed services?

Small and medium size businesses like yours can benefit from the same managed service competitive advantages that larger enterprises have long enjoyed. A comprehensive program specifically designed for your business, helps maintain a high availability environment and reduce capital outlay. The most common options with network services; server, desktop and remote support combined with network monitoring. Other enhanced service options include Data Retention, Virtualization, IT Management, Project Management and much more. All this adds up to greater network responsiveness and providing a competitive advantage for your organization. So don’t tie up your hard earned capital. Help simplify your network and minimize your out of pocket investment with predictable services that match your requirements.

What are the business benefits when choosing a managed service option?

Businesses are turning to managed services for both long-term strategic and short-term tactical considerations. Managed services allow a company to focus on core business issues while outsourcing to subject matter experts the operational details of their network. Managed services provides companies access to enterprise capabilities of a service provider that otherwise would not be feasible in house. By outsourcing your network requirements, you will avoid continual capital expenditures; lower your IT budget and the advantage of having a team of IT professionals at your command. Most significantly, because of economies of scale, service providers can offer managed services to customers for much less than it would cost them to run these same services on their own. Manage services offers the unique advantage of being able to do as much as the client needs at a much lower cost than an onsite, fulltime employee.

Does managed services include all services even those that I don’t need?

Each service package can be unique to the client since it’s infrequent that everyone needs exactly the same combination of services. Yet another value of the MSP is its ability to provide exactly what the Small Business owner is missing in the technology realm.
The MSP can be as involved as the client deems necessary, so the client has the ability and is encouraged to evaluate and scale the service level to meet the business needs. This allows the partnership’s value to increase leading to better synergy in technology vision and goals.